Photographer Bjarne Hyldgaard

Photo: Jan Pedersen


MFIAP • EFIAP/diamond 3 • NSMiF/diamond 2 • Master SDF/gold • Excellence Service SDF • Master NFFF/gold • NMiFM2017 • NMiFM2018 • NMiFM2019 • NMiFK2022 & Nordic Champion in photography in 2017, 2018, 2019 & 2022

Bjarne Hyldgaard is an internationally acclaimed Danish portrait photographer. The pandemic was for him the start of a journey into nature and wildlife photography. Nature photography is not the easiest topic to handle, but the more you practice, the luckier you become.

He is one of the most winning Danish photographers with more than 700 national and international awards, two national championships and four Nordic Championships.

Bjarne Hyldgaard has been teaching photography for several years and is hosting nature workshops in Norway in 2024 and 2025.

He has been international judge at The Golden (DK), Lanterna Magica Small Print Salon (DK), Finland International Circuit (twice), Malmö international (S), the Swedish national photographic championship (twice), the Norwegian national championship (twice), the Danish national championship (twice), the FIAP biennial in Bergen, Norway and the Irish national championship (twice).

His pictures has been on exhibit in Rundetaarn (Copenhagen, DK), the Danish Museum of Photography, in photo galleries around the globe, at Voergaard Castle, at Aalborg Historical Museum and in the Danish Ministry of Foreign affairs.

Bjarne Hyldgaard is one of the founding members of the Nordic photo group, Stella Polaris Photo Group and holder of the prestigious Master FIAP distinction in photography, MFIAP.